living Tradition

- holding on to old traditions & creating new ones

Set 1 Zubehör blau

Set 1

- simple -

wooden pole (8.2ft) & 2 emblems with screws

You've got fabric for the flag, something to use for the flag pole, wire for tying the wreath, ribbons for decorating, paints for painting the pole and the crests already at hand, then this set is the perfect match for you! 

Set 2 Zubehör blau quadrat

Set 2

- deluxe -

wooden pole (8.2ft)
2 emblems with screws
flag with flag pole, paints, wire & ribbons

This set is for you if you want all the "ingredients" precisely tuned for your self made mini May pole.

Prices are guaranteed for the first 100 orders!

Maibaum Set 3

Set 3

- ready to go -

a completely finished Mini-May-Pole
in blue & white (colors of Bavaria)
(or every other color combination)
it comes with two individually painted emblems
wreath with colorful ribbons,
flag & flag pole - you can order the flag in your color(s) and your unique embroidery

This set takes only a few simple steps on your end and your Mini-May-Pole will be set up in your garden.

This year NEW on offer

painted poles ready to go!

- as long as stocks last - (three or more colors are totally possible)

The following Items can be purchased in addition to the sets or individually

wooden pole painted in two colors




flag (handmade) with flag pole


heart emblem


9.84ft wooden pole - additional charge


heart 2.95ft for wedding tree raw


heart 2.95ft for wedding tree red & lettered from


individually painted emblem from


bar for mounting two emblems




delivery - if we can set up a tour


Stork 2.3ft high raw (painted 115€)


Stork 2.95ft high raw (painted 150€)


number for birthday or anniversary


You can order your mini may pole set and everything else by phone or email

Andrea - +49 175 72 11 679

All the different "ingredients" for the mini may pole set are coming from local businesses that are just as passionate about their trade as me.

Carpentry Schretzlmeier (emblems, hearts, stork …) – Train

Logs and fencing Bucher (wooden poles) – Rötz

Master painter Martin Karrer (colors) – St. Johann

Frog Prince – Nina Schnell (flags) – Train

Fabric chest Birgit Schmidt (flag fabrics) - Mainburg




frequently asked


In the trailer with appropriate attachment and probably good to know, I can transport up to six sets with a 2.5m wooden pole with my Mini Cooper.

Der 2,5m Pflock hat 7cm Durchmesser und der 3m Pflock hat 8cm Durchmesser.

Klar! Wir verschicken weltweit – bisher gingen sie schon nach Österreich, in die Schweiz, nach Holland und in die USA.

I arrange delivery tours within a radius of 200 - 300km, as soon as we have enough requests together the delivery goes out. For detailed information about it please call.

Therefore, please call the responsible office in your city, municipality or state and send me the written permission that I may draw it commercially. Often there is a signet of the original emblem that may be drawn if we are not allowed to draw the original.

Yes, of course! Call me best and we discuss the details. You can find examples in the gallery below, but we can also find a completely individual solution.

No. Your flag can be sewn from (almost) any fabric in different colors and patterns and even embroidered individually.

Some strength, a hammer and a board, which is between the maypole and the hammer. The wooden stakes are sharpened at the bottom.

Yes, of course. How you set it up stable is up to you.

Bilder zum Vergrößern anklicken

Maibaum Dahoam 2020

How it all came about - 2020 on a sunny Friday afternoon in mid-April on the way home from work with good music on I was looking forward for a moment to the approaching maypole raising, which is celebrated on April 30th in the middle of our little village. There are so many reasons to look forward to it, one you surely all know, this very special, unique maypole raising feeling - a feeling of togetherness. 

Well, it only lastet for a brief moment. There won't be any May Pole celebration this year. Sadness was the overall feeling then.

A few moments into the sadness, a small spark of hope arose, maybe it works out in another way to hold on to this tradition this year?! I could create small mini maypoles and so we get to have at least a few small private maypole celebrations in our village.

Ich fand die Idee spitze, aber in den verbleibenden zwei Wochen war es nicht realisierbar, viele kleine Maibäume zu basteln. Also gingen die Überlegungen weiter und da war sie, die Mini-Maibaum-Set-Idee zum Selberbasteln. Meine Schwester Karin und ihr Freund hatten gleich das selbe Strahlen in den Augen wie ich und schon ging es ans organisieren. Nach ein paar ernüchternden Telefonaten war klar, wir ziehen es zu zweit durch. Also wir brauchen Wappen und wer macht die? Eh klar – der Schretz! Hat sich der gefreut, er war sofort mit an Board und die Holzpflöcke gabs bei unserem Onkl Hans in der Landschaftsgärtnerei Brunner & Dreke.

We gave ourselves two days to build a first prototype, which we needed for the flyer that should go out on Monday. A lot was improvised (look closely at the picture on the left with the red bricks) and in the end it served its purpose, the flyer went out! It took less than an hour and the first orders came in. The following weekend we delivered part of it and the rest was picked up contactless. 

Our own maypole got two more personalized emblems. For me, I painted one with my dog Bono and the first and most beautiful iceberg we, Bono, Dad and I marveled at in Newfoundland, the home of Bono's ancestors. Karin and her partner Markus got one with their cat and Markus' favorite drink on it. Hops couldn't be missing from either emblems, since we are living in the middle of Bavarians hops fields.

Das Maibaumaufstellen selber war ungewohnt anders – alleine Daheim, gemeinsam einsam. Für mich steckt soviel wertvolles in dieser Aktion! Der Mini-Maibaum bietet die Chance, dass echtes Spiel entstehen kann, was für uns und vor allem für die Kinder in unserer Verantwortung so wertvoll ist! In einem geschützten Rahmen haben wir die Möglichkeit unsere Gefühle und Kreativität auszudrücken, Frustration, Wut und Alarm genauso wie Freude, Erfüllung und Tränen. 

It was nice to know that together with about sixty families from our municipality and the surrounding area, we could stick to this old tradition. And there were certainly a few more who had the same idea and put up a small version of the maypole.

PS: For all those who are worried about the cat, he is doing fantastic and back to slim and trim.

Maibaum Dahoam 2021

Im Jahr darauf wurde aus dieser Idee völlig unbeabsichtigt ein kleines Gewerbe, mit dem Namen „Tradition leben“ und einem breiteren Angebot als elf Monate zuvor. 2020 bestand das Maibaum-Set aus einem Holzpflock, zwei Wappen und vier Schrauben. In diesem Jahr, angeregt durch ein paar Bemerkungen von ehemaligen „Kunden“ (kann man Kunden sagen, wenn man an der Sache nichts verdient hat?) entstand ein weiteres Set, dass Fahne, Mast, Draht, Bänder und auf den Maibaum abgestimmte Farben in der richtigen Menge enthält. Ein drittes Set mit einem komplett fertig gestalteten Mini-Maibaum kam auch hinzu. Wir kontaktierten Rosi, die im vergangenen Jahr als allererste über uns in der Zeitung berichtete und es nahm seinen unvorhersehbaren Lauf. Ein paar Radio- und Fernsehsender wurden auf und aufmerksam und nachdem die Beiträge ausgestrahlt waren hörte das Telefon nicht mehr auf zu klingeln. Set 3 war innerhalb kürzester Zeit ausverkauft. Die Nächte im April wurden immer kürzer und die Arbeitszeiten immer länger und am Ende war mein eigener Maibaum nicht fertig…

I was always just one phone call with Schretz and one night away from picking up 220 newly produced emblems, whenever I needed them the next day.

I thought the first of May is over and it will get quieter again - dandelion! Even on the first of May orders still came in and it went on like that. The range expanded in the coming weeks to include birthday, anniversary & wedding trees. Some quiet returned in the fall and I had time to design a Halloween tree and two Christmas trees. The biggest challenge so far remains bookkeeping - now it was on a larger scale and that's not as much fun as painting trees and designing emblems. During the Maipole season there was a little support from my mom. The hours with her awakened childhood memories, when I pursued my favorite pastime of painting, while she did the accounting of our bakery, then it was clear to me, accounting is not for me, I prefer to paint.


TV, Radio and Newspaper articles of 2021 about the Mini-May-Poles

Maibaum Dahoam 2022

Momentarily, this is mostly about the Mini-Maypole in its different variations, but ideas for a broader offer around holding on to traditions and creating new ones are growing.

Why preserve tradition and create new ones? Preserving them is self-explanatory, but is it? At the moment I'm focusing on the Mini-Maypoles and I wish you much pleasure in choosing and designing your very own and of course a wonderful maypole raising whether in a small setting or at the original traditional maypole raising in the middle of town, which will certainly be a great gathering and I'm so looking forward to it!

The first orders are coming in and already going out! Prices are guaranteed for the first 100 sales!

Updates of this years Mai-Pole-Season can be found on Instagram @maibaumdahoam,in my WhatsApp status or here.

several by me completely finished May poles
wedding -, birthday -, anniversary - and Mini-May Poles

Are there any open questions?

I am available almost anytime, if not I will call back in the evening if you leave your name and number. 

WhatsApp is another connection opportunity.


Tradition leben – Andrea Bugl

preserve tradition and create new ones

Last year a good 200 mini may poles were individually designed and set up by may pole enthusiasts throughout Germany and even Austria and the Netherlands. 

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